3 Reasons to Buy Used Textbooks

The savvy textbook buyer knows how to shop around to find the best prices for your school or district’s curriculum needs but the temptation to buy pristine, new textbooks instead of used books can cost you thousands of dollars each school year. If you tend to purchase new books for your school or district, consider these reasons to make the switch – your budget will thank you!

We at Superior Text are committed to helping you do more with your textbook budget, which is why we provide both new and used titles as well as a plethora of other curriculum materials. Yet we believe used textbooks can often be overlooked because of common perceptions or experiences with poor quality books in the past. Our dedication to best-value books means we provide textbook buyers with the best quality books at the best price, and oftentimes we turn to used books to do so.

Below, we’ve listed three reasons why you should consider used textbooks for this year’s needs:

Used textbooks are significantly more affordable than new textbooks.

Did you know that a used title can help you save up to 90% off the list price of a new book? Superior Text is able to pass these savings along to you through our extensive market search and a set of algorithms that keep as many pennies as possible in your pocket. Buying through a distributor means we do the leg work and you keep the savings!

Used textbooks from Superior Text are refurbished for like-new quality.

All of our used textbooks undergo a rigorous, 13-step refurbishing process before they are listed and sold. This ensures the quality of new textbooks at a fraction of the price. And if you are partial to your current curriculum set but know that the books’ binding is on its way out, our rebind team can restore your books at even lower prices.

Alternative editions of used textbooks can help you save more money.

Our expertise of the textbook and curriculum materials market allows us to procure alternative titles to the ISBN you request. Consider generic instead of state-specific editions or, for some subjects, titles that contain the same content but a different publication year for further savings. Questions about how you can use alternative editions in this year’s curriculum? Our sales team is happy to answer them!

Above all, buying used textbooks is a smarter use of your textbook budget. Using these titles helps you stretch your department dollar further so you can do more for your students with the savings.

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