Our Purpose

Our purpose at Superior Text is embodied in our company purpose, “Serving Those Who Educate.” Our core values and company focus speak to our organizational character and customer dedication.

Our company core values are demonstrated in the actions of each and every employee in every work relationship and client partnership.

Always do the Right Thing
Work Hard/Work Smart/Work Together
We care about our customers
We care about each other


Founded by a teacher-turned-entrepreneur, we understand the reality of school budgets and the importance of quality products in the classroom. Superior Text provides innovative budget-conscious solutions as a premier instructional materials provider.

We work with educational institutions across the country and know firsthand that the needs of each classroom are unique. Accommodating service is our first priority. Whether you are pressed for time for time or have specific deliver and/or packaging instructions for your order, our responsive sales team is here to serve you.

Our executive, sales and customer service teams have decades of experience in educational sales with knowledge and employees hailing from the college industry, publishing houses, educational institutions and reconditioned book companies. Our collective passion and expertise lie in developing creative solutions and creating long lasting partnerships with every client. We find any challenge can be overcome with proper planning and implementation.

Questions? Please contact us today. We are happy to serve you!