Customer Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Superior Text

“Superior Text provides stellar service either via phone or email! You guys pack the books kindly and they arrive in excellent condition new and old books! Thank you for providing [us] with such awesome service. Keep up the good work!”

–Kim F., Florida

“You are always very helpful.”

–Angela W., Texas

“I always call you first!”

-Grace T., Michigan

“Very professional and your packing is superb!”

–Ann C., California

“I appreciate your corporation’s professionalism and care very much and hope to be your customer in the very near future.”

–Subrata C., New Jersey

“I also wanted to advise you of how helpful [employee] was when I called your office. . . . I will definitely consider your company first, with my future textbook purchases.”

–Cassandra F., Florida

“Superior Text has lived up to its name in that you have demonstrated integrity when there was an error. . . . Thank you for your service. I will try to order future books through you when they are available.”

–Jane C., Colorado

“Superior Text provides excellent service.”

–Patrick M., New York

“Honorable, pleasant to do business with. Highly recommended.”

–Brenda B., Washington

“The entire process was very easy from ordering to receiving. I have no complaints!”

–Terri B., S. Carolina

“Excellent merchandise and service. No problems of any kind. A fine seller overall!”

–John Z., Michigan